Sunday, July 19, 2009

It is always refreshing to have new blood in the dragonboat team. Makes me so happy because you know there will always be someone who will continue the PDRT Fireblades tradition. The team has been in existence for the longest time. We have seen a lot of people come and go. May mga bumabalik at mayroon din naman umaalis for some reason or another. Makes everyone more well aware that we are in a team sport and we cannot do dragonboat alone. 22 nga ang kailangan sa isang bangka diba. We are very much dependent on our team mates and whatever he or she does affects the whole team. Sa mga newbies kudos sa inyong lahat. Continue to practice at magpalakas ng husto. Of course all of us should practice, mapa bago man o luma. Lahat tayo dapat magpalakas at magpa kondisyon lalo na kung papalapit na ang karera. Pag dating sa loob ng bangka, walang bago, walang luma, ISANG BANGKA LANG TAYO.