Friday, May 1, 2009

many reasons why we row...

Oftentimes I wonder why we go through all the hassle just to be able to row. Come to think of it.. gising ka ng maaga, may amoy at marumi ang tubig, nagiging zombie ka pag dating sa office dahil sa pagod sa practice, at kung anu-ano pa...and yet dragon boat ka pa rin ng dragon boat...lalo na pag may race at araw araw na ang practice. You ask yourself bakit ko ba ginagawa ito? Ako personally have a lot of reasons that I can think of or rationalize bakit ko ginagawa ito. For one, its a bonding activity with hubby. We have shared the same passion for the sport and have great memories of rowing and competing together. Secondly, health. Siguro kung nag stop ako, I will grow so big like a refrigerator. Ngayon mini refrigerator lang but I am slowly loosing the excess weight. Thirdly, marami ring naituro sa aking lessons on leadership, dealing with other people, who your true friends are and even a few lessons on parenting. So pag na-da-down ka na or you feel like not going to practice. Think hard of what you can do for yourself and what you can do for your team. Getting the championship, time with friends and family will really pay off all the sacrifices and the hardships. What about you? Anong motivation mo?

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